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A brave learner at South Peninsular High School demos the !xaru

Achmat Sabera’s “gummy” workshop at Plumstead High School

Hilton Schilder’s bow performance at Grassdale High School

Tweets (Courtesy of Coffeebeans Routes)

* Single-String Technology
* Goema Rhythms
* Cedar High School
* Genuines
* Wittebome High School
* Classroom
* !Xaru
* Tambourine
* Postage Stamp
* Piano


* Athlone News (Wednesday 29 August 2012)

Special thanks to Ruschka Jaffer of the Bright Star Programme (project coordinator), Iain Harris of Coffeebeans Routes (logistics), roadshow stars Achmat Sabera & Hilton Schilder and, of course, the inspiring teachers and enthusiastic learners of Cape Town.

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