Creative Week :: Open Film Night

Celebrating Creative Week, I did a presentation on “Documenting Cape Town” last night as part of a series of events curated by Lisa Huang & Ovidiu Pacuraru (Food & Chaatter) and hosted by Zavick Botha at Studio 41. Ben Hemson-Struthers of SAcamera was also a key player, introducing some awesome Sony gear (and even giving some of it away). The doc presentation touched on how to assemble a “guerrilla” filmmaking kit from enthusiast-level hardware to produce professional results, dipping into a personal arsenal that includes a Sony Handycam, a field-recorder and a home-made pair of “steady-wings” (pioneered by Leonard Helmrich). The workshop touched on Cape Town works that inspired and informed Mama Goema, including Silver Fez (Lloyd Ross & Rian Malan), Fokofpolisiekar (Bryan Little) and Sea Point Days (Francois Verster). Grab the hyperlinks to view respective film trailers on YouTube.

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  1. Ovi says:

    Awesome having you there Calum even though I missed most of it 🙁 but everyone I asked was amazed at what you did 🙂
    We need to catch up soon and bring you a bigger audience the next time!

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