Mama Goema :: DocLove Screening at Greatmore Studios

Greatmore Studios and DocLove have joined forces to host monthly film screenings and discussions with filmmakers. Short films and full features, documentary and fiction, from and about Africa and beyond! Mama Goema helped launch the project on the evening of Wednesday 29 February 2012.

Photo: Justin Davy

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  1. Calum says:

    Update from Dylan Valley: “Doclove is now a bi-monthly screening held at Greatmore Art Studios in Woodstock. It is an opportunity not only for watching great documentary films but for interacting with the filmmaker presenting their work and for networking with like-minded individuals. We also plan to not only screen documentaries this year, but feature films that also act as a document for the world we live in; ‘fiction’ that conveys truth and reality. We plan to make each screening an event and not only a viewing; with discussions and QnA’s. Screenings are free but we encourage donations so that we can supply snacks/ wine at future screenings this year.”

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