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Hilton Schilder is known for embracing digital technology as evidenced by his electronic work with Alex van Heerden (1974-2009) under the RockArt moniker. He is also no stranger to exploring the sonic potential of ancient instruments hewn from wood and wire, which he dubs “single-string technology.” Pushing the invisible frontiers of tradition, Schilder partnered with bow craftsman Bien Petersen to develop the Wikkelspies (or “shake-spear” as he cunningly translates its Afrikaans name). A flat board with seven spring-mounted mouth bows arranged in parallel, the device rests on the player’s lap while strings are struck by sticks and the board is shaken with the knees. “This is the only instrument in the world like this. We invented it 6 months ago,” says Schilder demonstrating his creation on a pop-up stage in front of Cape Town’s National Museum in September 2012.

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South African acoustic supergroup All In One performing live in Cape Town (January 2011). Errol Dyers, Steve Newman and Hilton Schilder create sonic tapestries with influences that include flamenco rumba, gypsy swing, tango, maskanda and goema. Their self-titled composition “All In One” features Dyers on flute, Newman on guitar and Schilder on ǀxaro and cajón. Part of this set appears in the opening sequence of the film Mama Goema (2011).

As part of a Mama Goema value-exchange, Profoundly South African produced a “bootleg” EP for All In One to assist in promoting their live show. The CD features four raw and rootsy tracks and is wrapped in album art by Sara Gouveia. The album is a live companion to the group’s eponymous studio debut and can be obtained directly from the artists.

All In One Live  EP Track Info (JPG, 130K)


The Genuines (1986-1993)

Genuines music video for “Narrow Escape” featuring Hilton Schilder on vocals:

The Hilton Schilder Group – No Turning Back (2003)

1. No Turning Back (H. Schilder)
2. For Tony (H. Schilder)
3. Cole (H. Schilder)
4. Mr. Cool is in the Lounge (H. Schilder)
5. Tone Nails (H. Schilder)
6. View from the Top (H. Schilder)
7. Why? All this Time (R. Jansen)
8. Red Rock City (G.S. McKenzie)
9. Patricia (H. Schilder)
10. Tesna (H. Schilder)
11. Email to the Ancestors (H. Schilder)
12. Why? Come on World (R. Jansen)

RockArt – Future Cape (2006)

1. Oom Jaap Jaap se Stamboom (H. Schilder, A. van Heerden)
2. Nuwestraat (H. Schilder, A. van Heerden)
3. Groovy Groovy (H. Schilder)
4. Russel (H. Schilder)
5. Changes (H. Schilder)
6. Fourth Eye (H. Schilder, A. van Heerden)
7. Bitterlewe Intro (H. Schilder)
8. Bitterlewe (A. van Heerden, A. Bongelo)
8. Feeling Like a Stranger (H. Schilder)
9. Ladies’ Night on Car-Atom (H. Schilder, A. van Heerden)
10. Druiwepiek (H. Schilder)
11. Bitterlewe Live (H. Schilder, A. van Heerden, A. Bongelo)

The Iconoclast – Live at the Bird’s Eye (2008)

1. Sweet as Hani (H. Schilder)
2. Langarm (R. Ekes)
3. Homer (H. Jephtah)
4. Cuba Castro (H. Schilder, N. Scalliet)
5. G’s Tension (G. Beuerle)
6. Pang Salie (H. Schilder)
7. St. Lucia Draai (H. Jephtah)

Hilton Schilder – Live at Bridgetown (2009)

1. The Healing (G.S. McKenzie, H. Schilder)
2. Elements of Surprise (H. Schilder)
3. Tesna 5 (H. Schilder)
4. Mammie 1 & 2 (H. Schilder)
5. Tesna 3 (H. Schilder)

All In One – All In One (2009)

1. All In One (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)
2. Three Cosmic Travellers (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)
3. Backyard Strummers (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)
4. Frogs (S. Newman)
5. Ozone (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)
6. Trans Karoo Express (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)
7. C-Movement (E. Dyers)
8. Tango Very Much (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)
9. The Hunt (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)
10. Licking Angel Cakes on the Astral Plane (H. Schilder)
11. The Reluctant Spy (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)
12. Polka (E. Dyers, S. Newman, H. Schilder)

Hilton Schilder – Rebirth (2015)

All songs composed by H. Schilder

1. Rebirth
2. Tesna Part 15
3. Birsigstrasse 90
4. Tesna Part 5
5. The Art of Flying

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