Mac McKenzie


The musical journey of Gerald Samuel “Mac” McKenzie is a diverse string of manifestations that spans a professional recording career of over twenty-five years. Despite surface differences, an indispensable denominator binds the brash punk riffs of the Genuines in 1986 to the sultry violin lines of the Cape Town Composers’ Workshop showcase in 2009. In a word, it’s GOEMA!

Mac McKenzie Artist Bio 2010 (PDF, 45K)


The Genuines (1986-1993)

Namaqua – Daylight (1998)

1. The Mountain, Sand & Sea (G.S. McKenzie)
2. Daylight (G.S. McKenzie)
3. Stella by Starlight (V. Young)
4. Autumn Leaves (J. Mercer)
5. Green Dolphin Street (B. Kaper, N. Washington)
6. The Days of Wine & Roses (H. Mancini)
7. Concilia (G.S. McKenzie)
8. Café Camissa (G.S. McKenzie)
9. Donna Lee (M. Davis, C. Parker)

The Goema Captains of Cape Town – Healing Destination (2004)

1. Alibama (Traditional | G.S. McKenzie)
2. Healing Destination (G.S. McKenzie)
3. Night March (Traditional | G.S. McKenzie)
4. Disentangled (G.S. McKenzie)
5. Red Rock City (G.S. McKenzie)
6. The Healing (G.S. McKenzie, H. Schilder)
7. To Wisdom (G.S. McKenzie)
8. Raa (G.S. McKenzie)
9. Goema Goema (Traditional | G.S. McKenzie)
10. Bolero (Ravel | G.S. McKenzie)
11. Goema Blues in F (G.S. McKenzie)

(This Mountain Records CD release was culled from Afribeat’s Mac McKenzie & The Goema Captains of Cape Town).

Mac McKenzie – Live in Bridgetown (2009)

1. F-Major Goema (G.S. McKenzie)
2. The Healing (G.S. McKenzie, H. Schilder)
3. Colibri (Variation 1) (G.S. McKenzie)
4. D 76 (G.S. McKenzie)
5. F-Major Waltz (G.S. McKenzie)
6. Cape Town Dance (G.S. McKenzie)
7. Colibri (Variation 2) (G.S. McKenzie)

The Cape Town Goema Orchestra – Goema Symphony No. 1 (2010)

1. Introduction with Bows ft. Madosini
Goema Symphony No. 1 (G.S. McKenzie)
2. A-Flat Major
3. Healing Destination ft. Ernestine Deane
4. Lok-shen Goema ft. Hilton Schilder
5. D-Major Goema

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