Mama Goema


“If you take a pinch of Khoi-San lament, a dash of Malay spice, a measure of European orchestral, a splash of Xhosa spiritual, the clash of marching bands, the pizzazz of the Klopse, a driving primal beat and lots of humour and musical virtuosity, what do you get? Goema, Goema, Goema! Weaving together the ancient, the traditional and the classical into the distinctive sound of Cape Town, Mac McKenzie, musical mastermind and founder of the Genuines and the Goema Captains of Cape Town, puts the final touches on his most recent creation, “Goema Symphony No. 1.” Musicians Hilton Schilder, Ernestine Deane and Kyle Shepherd add context while the Cape Town Goema Orchestra rehearses for its première.”


Mama Goema: The Cape Town Beat in Five Movements (2011) is available on DVD with English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German subtitles as well as extra features. Get it here.


Mama Goema is a multinational documentary film by Calum MacNaughton (South Africa), Ángela Ramirez (Colombia) and Sara Gouveia (Portugal). Filmmakers’ statement and bios and well as production stills and synopsis are zipped in the “press kit” below. Write to calum [at] for sales and broadcast enquiries.

Mama Goema Press Kit (ZIP, 440K)


* Encounters International Documentary Film Festival (South Africa, June 2011)
Runner-Up : Audience Award for Best Local Film

* Tri Continental Film Festival (South Africa, September 2011)
Winner : Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary

* Cape Town Sound on Screen Film Festival (South Africa, December 2011)
* Cape Winelands Film Festival (South Africa, March 2012)
* Vancouver South African Film Festival (Canada, April 2012)
* Montréal Festival de Cinéma Vues d’Afrique (Canada, April 2012)
* District Six Museum Bioscope Hip Hop Film Festival (South Africa, April 2012)
* Africa in Motion Scotland African Film Festival (Scotland, November 2012)
* Johannesburg Sound on Screen Film Festival (South Africa, December 2012)
* Festival Músicas do Mundo Sines (Portugal, July 2013)
* Lusaka International Film & Music Festival (Zambia, September 2013)
* Festival d’Automne à Paris – Théâtre de la Ville Week-End Afrique du Sud (France, October 2013)
* Temps D’Images Prémios de Cinema – Filmes Sobre Arte (Portugal, November 2013)
* Sauti Za Busara Festival – African Music Film Programme (Zanzibar, February 2014)
* Alta Fidelidad – Muestra Internacional de Cine Documental Musical (Colombia, August 2014)


* DocLove at Greatmore Sudios (Cape Town, 29 February 2012)
* DVD Launch & Masterclass (Cape Town, 6 March 2012)
* Labia Cinema Theatrical Run (Cape Town, 30 March-4 April 2012)
* Cinemuse at 5Ryneveld (Stellenbosch, 11 April 2013)
* International Association of Schools of Jazz Meeting (Denmark, July 2013)


* Spine Road High School (2 May 2012)
* Zubeida Jaffer Pop-Up Screening (15 July 2012)
* Wynberg Girls High School & Fairmount Secondary School (22 August 2012)
* South Peninsular High School & Grassdale High School (24 August 2012)
* Westerford High School (27 August 2012)
* Plumstead High School & Cedar High School (29 August 2012)
* Wittebome High School & Muizenberg High School (31 August 2012)
* Creative Week Open Film Night (19 September 2012)
* CPUT Bellville Journalism Masterclass (21 September 2012)
* Stellenbosch University Ethnomusicology Masterclass (9 October 2012)
* Alliance Française of Lusaka Cultural Events Screening (22 August 2013)
* Heritage Week Festival at Cape Town’s Castle of Good Hope (24 September 2014)

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